The new route into Hockey, 4689, follows and compliments the Play to Learn and Multi Skills ethos of ability and not age.

4689 is a progressive hockey format starting with 4 v 4, moving to 6 v 6, 8 v 8 and finally 9 v 9. Everyone interested in delivering 4689 will be able to attend a three hour training workshop, which will give you more detail on how to use the material you find in this website. On this site you can get access to: 46 technical skills cards, 30 activities and videos, the competition format and rules for all levels as well as way to find out how you can get more involved!


Technical Skills

46 individual skills – PDF downloadable cards.

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Activity Cards

30 activities to get you

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Game Format

Fours / Sixes / Eights / Nines // Competition formats and rules for all levels

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